Here’s why we shouldn’t be worried at all about that morphing ‘UFO’

If you’ve been keeping up with the news in the UK, you might have heard about a morphing UFO appearing at a number of locations across Cornwall last week.

We’re telling you guys straight up – this is not aliens, despite some hashtags on the footage.


While it’s a little annoying that we’re not any closer to an actual aliens, the footage itself is pretty damn cool.

Check out the video of the ‘UFO’ below, apparently taken last week on the A30 in Cornwall:

There’s actually been a bunch of Instagram ‘sightings’ across Cornwall, including over Roche Rock:

And a twitter video over Fistral Beach:

And this girl who just happened to see it before her hair appointment:

So, we already know it’s not aliens, but what is it? A bird murmuration (a special type of flock of starlings)? A really really big insect swarm?


Neither of those things make sense over the timeframe, which had footage being uploaded over a number of days.

Well, as both Twitter and Instagram commenters pointed out, unfortunately it’s nothing that cool – instead it’s likely to be a giant publicity stunt for the Eden Project, a botanical garden in Cornwall.

Speaking to The Sun Online, a spokesperson for the project said “It’s true we have a galaxy of ways to tell the story of space at Eden this summer.”

“To coin a phrase…The truth is out there.”

Although we don’t have much information to go on at this stage, it’s assumed that the videos have been doctored using CGI and released to a number of people to share the UFO ‘sighting’.

Yeah, we’re just as disappointed as you are, but if you want to see some incredible real footage, check out this bird murmuration video taken by Jan van IJken, in the Netherlands:

We’re calling it now – nature beats publicity stunts any day.

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